What would you do?
For all to understand simply the case.
Samantha Lowry was a woman I dearly loved and became my fiancée, from England who found to be pregnant in England and she
claimed the child to be mine;
She traveled to Austin Texas on SEPTEMBER 2006 where I lived in my Homestead at 7005 Whispering Creek. Austin Texas took
me 10 years to make the murals and garden: THE Multidimensional Art House
SEB was born on March 29, 2007 in Austin Texas, American Citizen Named: SEBASTIAN JOHN RAUL PAVON CUELLAR, odd
enough, not married, not living together, the child with both of my last names and NONE  of the mother; Samantha Lowry Changed
upon signing the “Paternity” subject to DNA or when she moved with BOB GLOYD… a house with many man her age…
On Memorial Day Weekend, Friday May 25, 2007  I left with Sebastian to Mexico to visit my parents, and Samantha to arrive three
days later, I even left her $2000 for her trip , but she did not arrived, she disappeared until days later… When I called my home and a
man answer the phone, then pass me to Samantha, I immediately filed trespassing charges with the Austin Police Department
She delayed her trip several times, I attempted to return, but she made it impossible; I attempted to return Sebastian, but also was
made impossible!
On June 5, 2007 she send me an email of some court documents NOT FILED, then claiming she will come to Mexico again, Even as
of June 6, 2007 I still expected Samantha in Mexico.
Violence against my parents increased , so I left their house
On June 7, 2007 I was still filing trespassing charges with Austin Police Department in Austin Texas
On June 8, 2007 it was FALSELY claimed I had a Parental Kidnapping warrant, I hired Anthonio Wehnes the same day, criminal
attorney. But he could not find any warrant, nevertheless, I voluntarily offer the return of Sebastian, but I received threats from Joe
Milner instead, my attorney said to only deliver the baby with an agreement.
I immediately hired attorneys in Mexico, Contacted the US Embassy, the British Embassy, the Foreign secretariat in Mexico trying to
return to Texas. Followed their instructions and remain in contact with Samantha nearly at daily basis, trying to Return to Texas and
negotiating an agreement.
My emails were hacked, emails erased; I then created several emails sending copy of my emails to all my emails,
Soon after, news came out, as international wanted fugitive, while receiving emails how my home and art   been destroyed by many.
The emails I was receiving with threats to my parents and I.
Negotiations for the agreement had began since June 2007, nevertheless, in all my attempts to return, failed. Threaten to deliver the
baby, American citizen to the British Embassy and with threats they will take him to England. My attorneys said that was illegal and
not to return the child without agreement.
The Hague Convention came in effect in regards to child abduction, a treaty to return children without the use of criminal
proceedings, nevertheless, the criminal proceedings were already in place and by the same convention the child could no longer be
returned, nevertheless I continue negotiations with the officials and followed their instructions, to reach an agreement while protecting
International fugitive, wanted by FBI, POLICE and even abroad, I begin to wonder… how come I write everyday by email, and I
have not been arrested? Odd…
Proceedings began in Texas in secret  by Samantha Lowry attorney, even placing restraining orders against me to file trespassing
charges, or even to return to my homestead, even restraining orders to obtain the travel documents I needed to return and Samantha
had stolen, and claiming the child to be in Texas, sounds crazy, but the court documents provide clear evidence with date and time…
The decree and a judgment were concealed, allegedly they will sale my home and art in auction at the same time of receiving threats by
email of rape, sexually depraved emails making a danger to deliver Sebastian to a sexually depraved sociopath.
I had contacted the news, police, fbi and everyone I could to tell them of the scam, but no response, no help. I have over 1000
Reports made to agencies.
I left my parents since june 2007 and lost contact with them, who trying to find me, instead found their properties in auction on line
and hired attorneys, time when they found also my attorneys.
The settlement Agreement was reached between all attorneys, after months of negotiations. The settlement agreement is a masterpiece,
protecting Sebastian above all, protecting Samantha and also myself, solely to have all the opportunity to be heard without any harm
to the child.
But Sebastian was kidnapped to England and violence increase.
I found later my parents and even extended family were victims of even physical violence.
At the end of January 2008, My father delivered to his attorneys the evidence of the scam: he was murdered on February 8, 2008 age
79, married to my mother for 49 years, attempted murder of my mother and harassment from that date on, threaten if we will go to
Texas, we will be killed.
On April 2008 20 acres of land property of my father was sold, lawful owner my mother and without notice to her.
I began filing the evidence directly in court, publishing the facts and evidence in blogs and sites,
Yet, no justice, I sue Samantha Lowry and soon after the people involved, and still maliciously prosecuted.
After 20 attorneys, I could not remove the warrants…
I filed for the return of Sebastian under hague proceedings and realize I was again victim of a scam, so I represented myself in court
in England, by phone, filed the pleadings, provided evidence and made sites for “Evidence in a click” I had send evidence to the
department of justice, Austin police department, governor of Texas, everyone I could find. No help… The scams in the High Court
of Justice by Solicitors where the same.
The news published only lies to place me and my family in danger instead. All by Newsquest Media Group who owns about 200
sites. I wrote to them they did not remove any, instead made more lies.
I began to pull out all records of the court, all evidence, all pleadings to find;
The home of my parents in Mexico trespassed, records stolen used for fraud in Austin Texas.
I was at the edge of dead, imagine, just imagine the feeling to lose your fiancée, or to be restrain in a foreign country, or your home
trespassed with your fiancé and another person of the opposite sex living in it and been destroyed, imagine your home been
destroyed, then your family threaten, you, you fully innocent internationally prosecuted, then claim they will sell your home and all the
work of your life (ART) on auction, while receiving threats of rape and even against my life and my family. Then murder your father
and attempt to kill your mother, nearly 80 years old, extortion of hundreds of thousands of dollars and still unlawfully restrained, and
your son kidnapped…
And not allowed to press charges… News publishing lies.
I filed several lawsuits, against Attorneys, Samantha and even police detective Westbrook, yet, no justice…
I became my own attorney, my own investigator, my own detective, my own publisher and so far has been a 9 year fight.
Nevertheless, I have become much more focus, and although accomplishments have been obtained;
Joe Milner changed his firm name, Minton Burton Foster and Collins change their name to Minton, Burton, Bassett & Collins ,
Andrew Westbrook was made captain and soon after became Sargent…
I tried to forget, but could not live with the injustice.
Finally I filed the evidence in Federal court and State court with few exhibits and the warrants were removed.
I still tried to forget, but could not, I had all the evidence and now also had a media to publish, but also Sebastian was kidnapped and
all criminals free, yet, malicious prosecution continued against me.
It was until December 2015 I was able to appear in person and provide the evidence and affidavits and criminal complaints to FBI,
and felt Justice was served. The agents were kind and direct. Thank You!
Something odd happened soon after, I discover Essence writing! Powerful!
Today, I have created a network to publish the truth with evidence, and even if I still have contacted local news, they do not want to
publish, I wonder why… If we are all victims of these crimes, more then any other crime!
The story has a huge twist, Samantha Lowry was unlawfully restrained in Texas , against her will and she wanted to kill herself
wanting to go to Mexico! Perhaps this story will end with love…
Then, the discovery of essence writing provided me with a very powerful tool, as well as a network of over 200 sites to publish "one" news.
I realize every mother, every father and every child will become victim of these scams, now my fight is for justice to all just just.
For you mother, for you father, for you child; stay away from courts, talk to each other, keep things between you and only you as family.

What would you do?
See  Aka Samantha Jennifer Lowry
Daniel Cuellar Pavon
in the Best interest of all children, I request the Following Law be Passed;
Child has Equal Rights to Father , Mother , Extended Family for Life,
Child Support and Benefits,  given Voluntarily by the Parent,
Under no circumstance Deprivation of Contact,
Custody to be Determined by Agreement,
Disputes Arranged Between Parents,
No Attorneys, No Mediators,
1 Room 1 Bed In Court;
7 hours, 2 Parents.
Rights Clear,
Don’t let us fall prey of the malicious games of attorneys and solicitors; divide for gains, create disputes, cause hate ; for gains,
Disputes get solve easy without audience,
sometimes a talk of 7 hours or less, could resolve any conflict as long as rights are clear; Equal rights, no dispute.

Wars, Disputes, Conflicts; arises from the abuse of rights...Such as sole custody...Such as profit from children (child support)