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Southwest Austin

I am Daniel Pavon Cuellar and this is my site, is not a site, is Multidimensional
World  YOU just got in.
Multidimensional: MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS,
Can you see Multidimensional? Can you see what I Paint?
What I do? Let me shows you…
Entrance.Tv : I am Dapacu.Com,  not to be confused with Dapacu.Mx
Or Dapacu.Tv
I live in, I Make MiniatureForest.Com and do,
working lots at Arte.Land or doing
Try to be a Writer.Mx or Escritor.Tv
I open a shop to Sale or BUY Art for Artists in Facebook, easy link  at
Compras.Me  and a great group, Tal.Mx 
I select Artists to get in ElArte.Mx or ElArte.Net es mi
I Don’t twitt much. Lomas_   Vivos sometimes, Dapacu or elsewhere in my
I have a few videos at the channel of Artistas Famosos in You Tube, The best
videos of all times today,  are not, and maybe a channel or two more if you
search my name in google.
I made the famous Painting at AustinArte.Com and that just the beginning to
my world and only one dimension path.
I have created Multidimensional Art, in Paintings, in Photography and even
I do Book.
I Can.Mx be 1Mx.Mx or travel fast to 1-Uk.Com AND BE Famous.Mx
My "son" Sebastian John Raul Pavon Cuellar, American Citizen Was kidnapped
on December 2007 in Breach of a Treaty and with a powerful settlement
agreement filed in StateofTexas.Tv
My Father was murdered, victim of Fraud
And I been "The International Fugitive"coming soon, "Pay per Baby" or
"Paper Baby" and only if you search my name in google you will understand.
But trying to place the bodie back to the birth certificate!
1000 Books at 100 each and 10 free, I keep 1
It was news, but no news… So now I am AustinTexas.News making Civil.Mx
and will send some to Federal.Mx
For Family is what keeps one Alive.Mx
And all this by Samantha Jennifer Lowry
Then killed my father Raul Pavon and attempted to destroy my name, even
online aided by Newsquesr Media group, who owns around 200 sites,
nevertheless, I have Newsquest.Co and Newsquest.Tv
The Multidimensional Art House is an historic home is Austin Texas, now
destroyed, total loss.
Took me 10 years to create the Multidimensional Art House featured at 
Mural.Tv and Entrance.Tv to make it the Nicest.Tv, but destroyed by
Samantha Lowry, an illegal alien in Texas, mother of Sebastian.
My Bio, … I learned to learn and I am self thought, but not learn from books…
Therefore unique.
I like to paint everything,     yes, you though right.
I also paint your thoughts,
Yes, I paint everything !
I Welcome You to my world! Multidimensional Art, Multidimensional Painting,
Multidimensional Forests, Multidimensional  Art.
I create MiniatureForest.Com and Ecosferes.Com, but prefer my
PaintingClassesAustin.Com, or shorter ClassesAustin.Com, but best of all, I
like Nature.
Time for you to research without the easy link...
I don’t sale much, I just sale one at a time, for there is no time.
Want one? Buy one?
Buy the
Famous Painting of Dapacu
Not at
I like going to Chapultepec.Tv
My photos.
Follow me if you can!
Follow me I said,
Can You Follow Me?
I am
I like Facebook, more creative
The Multidimensional Art House Mural.TV
Search My Name in Google, Newsquest Media Group has attack me for now 9
years, perhaps upset I own Newsquest.Tv or Newsquest.Co and don’t want to
pay the price.
I been busy, but will get back to them soon...
Enough of the easy link! Do you research in google, my best friend!
The Virgin of the Paths : Circa 2008. Makes miracles. What do you see in her
veil, what do you think? Ask for the path.
And will show you the way!
She is Magic
Proven above!
Search her story in google...
The Angle of the cross : Protector of the Virgen of the Paths
Find the story, learn to find...
The Angel of the Water: Protector of the Virgin of the Paths
Water to volume of earth, is one drop.
The Famous Painting is For Sale
I have one motto, I will always give you twice or more of what you give me.
Be Kind or go google yourself.
Truth, is Very Tiny. DAPACU
In the beginning (2007), I did not know what was http:
And all began with with evidence on a click!
Multidimensional World of
Daniel Pavon Cuellar
Daniel Cuellar Pavon
Daniel Cuellar Pavon
Daniel Cuellar Pavon